The new
has been launched on 17/01/2023
at Yet to Happen in Zurich, Switzerland
in a connection with other geographical points.

As part of the ZEICHEN ZEICHNEN finissage organised by LOKAL14 a pop-up of the Museum.Delivery project was presented by Kirill Agafonov and offered the practice of direct cultural exchange. There were works of different artists and non-artistic artifacts which could be taken for a while with no buying them but getting for an experience. It came up as a continuation of the process-based show Yet to Happen which took place in the same space in January 2023.

Friday, 10.3.2023, 18:00 – 21:00

Re.. Hornegg, Zürich
Seefeldstrasse 201

Museum.Delivery 2018 – ongoing

«A museum is something that has not happened yet» – based on this formula in forms of parcels and performative meetings, artists of Microterritory Gorod Ustinov (Kirill Agafonov, Natalia Peredvigina) concentrate their creative method and present the work of colleagues, personal and group projects.

In 2018, they started the project in Zurich that organically continues their ten-year artistic practice. In the format of meeting&workshop the Museum.Delivery visited many residents of the city.

M.D is not a ready-made exhibition that someone receives on a turnkey basis. This is a set for construction of works, materials and ideas that deliver the impulse for the invention of museums and for the creation of self-made temporary exhibitions.

Depending on the place, time and participants, a unique architecture of relations is formed. It’s a spatial and social situation that forms a «museum». It can be installed anywhere: at home, in the office, at school or right on the street. It can be shown in a circle of friends, become a public event, or remain in bounds of personal experience.

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Museum.Delivery has also a digital form ~ It is an app developed together with children of the Sep village in Udmurtia and the InGame software studio. In 2019 it was presented at the exhibition Zemlya Muzjem in the PERMM museum for contemporary art, Permm. It’s also a part of a permanent exhibition Time drives a round dance in the Museum of Igra region in Udmurtia. Now it is on display at the show Tau, Sep! in Nizhny Novgorod. And it is taking a place at the Embassy of Microterritories and Museum.Delivery sessions in Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.