The Museum.Delivery project conceptually explores and reinvents the “museumness”. It’s a suggestion to deliver a sense of museum experience to any place, person or audience by request. With basic formula “the museum is a situation” art-group Gorod Ustinov combines different micro-art practices to create an impulse for the inspiration and sudden discoveries. By improvisation in the micro-media of installation, workshop and talk it delivers a banch of ephemeral museums:

Museum of Gorod Ustinov, Museum of One DressMuseum of Landscapes, Museum of Touches, ...

as well as works of:

Ilya Grishaev
Ikuru Kuwadjima
Katya Muromtseva
Mayana Nasybullova
Anna&Vitaly Cherepanov
Ustina Yakovleva and others soon

July 04-29, 2019 the Museum.Delivery works in Switzerland and bases in Zürich by invitation of Message Salon Embassy

It costs 2 public transport tickets (if it’s not delivering by bike).
+ any donation.

Feel free to suggest any place for delivery: a house, an office or a street bench. To order or get a newsletter, please, contact Gorod Ustinov via or tel. +41 765 29 8008

Appointed public Sessions:

  • Cooming soon

Delivered earlier:

Thanks to Pro Helvetia foundation and Gastatelier Gleis 70, Zürich for possibility to start this project. 

In 2019 the Museum.Delivery kindly supported by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia) and invited by Message Salon Embassy to be continued in Switzerland.

More info:

The main purpose of micro-art-group ”Gorod Ustinov” (Izhevsk, Russia) is learning to feel and appreciate the space, starting with smallest parts of it. Artists living in the vast extensive country alternatively work in the “micro” direction. It is the size of objects, and sometimes shortness of their existence, and micro-communications – the level of personal contacts in the process of creating and displaying works.

The city of Ustinov lasted only 900 days (1984 to 1987). Today it’s the city of Izhevsk. As a place on the map Ustinov doesn’t exist, but it remains about itself in the passports of people who were born in this period. Participants of the micro-art-group were born then and associate their artwork with the place which no longer exists. They are trying to create a “micro-territory”, birthplace, time and space, which once began for them as the city (“gorod” in Russian) of Ustinov. By the Museum Delivery project the inventing “micro-territory” becomes a museum archipelago.

The Museum Delivery is based on the Micromuseum (2014-2017) and the whole practice of micro-art-group Gorod Ustinov. Thanks for experimental opportunities to Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), Ghent and personally Catherine de Zegher; Garage museum, Moscow and personally Katya Inozemtseva; Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona; FRAC Lorraine, Metz; The National Center for Contemporary Arts (Volga region branch), Nizhny Novgorod; Museum of Izhevsk; URMII, Izhevsk; and finally Museum of contemporary art - Tbilisi (for fresh portable example).